A comprehensive pricing model

We realise that the structure and operational flow of every organisation is unique. Because of this, when providing customers with access to OPTEL’s GeoTraceability full suite of technologies and services, our team of experts first have to scope out the individual needs of the organisation before designing and integrating the appropriate bespoke package of tools and software which will achieve the project's objectives.

Full Package fees include a thorough needs assessment, tailoring our system to suit your traceability and data collection needs, installation and integration of the GeoTraceability software's into your operations, training of system users and the provision of on-going support, as required.

An initial set-up fee is charged to based on a daily rate for the number of days needed to set up the system. In subsequent years, on-going fees are charged at around 20 to 25 per cent of the initial fee, depending on the complexity of the project.

Our fees are not impacted by the number of licences used, the number of users of the apps and the web platform, the number of data uploads/downloads and the number of third parties accessing the data.


To learn more about our products, services and pricing structures, please contact us at info@geotraceability.com or click on the button below to contact us via our contact page.