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Who is GeoTraceability?

GeoTraceability is part of OPTEL GROUP, a leading multinational provider of traceability systems that uses its innovative technologies to create a better world. OPTEL serves an international market with a global team of approximately 850 employees across four continents as well as support in more than 20 countries. The company is developing technologies to create efficiencies in a variety of sectors—including pharmaceutical, medical devices, healthcare, agri-food, smart manufacturing and more—that can benefit from end-to-end traceability. OPTEL’s expertise will allow diverse industries to measure, inspect, control and track a variety of elements to improve quality and make better use of resources. OPTEL president, Louis Roy, was named Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by EY. Click here for more information about OPTEL GROUP.

GeoTraceability is a market innovator in providing technical solutions that increase the visibility of suppliers and products in complex value chains. We design and implement software solutions for public, private and non-governmental organizations in a variety of sectors including agriculture, livestock, fishing, forestry and mining. Our data collection tools, traceability systems and online data hosting services enable organizations to collect, process, visualize and analyze data in a cost-effective way, at scale.



GeoTraceability's vision is to make data accessible and actionable so organizations can make informed decisions about investments in sourcing processes and their supply chains, support smallholder farmers and small-scale producers, and improve the visibility of their products in supply chains for conscious consumers.



  • Data-driven decision-making is a more accountable and credible approach to doing business.
  • Consumers and markets make better choices when they know where their products come from, how they are produced and who produced them.
  • Traceability is the most effective way to provide insights into product development.
  • Unbiased, real-time information is required to achieve credibility and transparency.
  • Smallholders and small-scale producers have an essential role to play in value chains and food security.
  • Technology should help make the world a better place.

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