Tracing conflict-free minerals in the Great Lakes region

GeoTraceability is currently offering an innovative digital traceability solution for conflict-free minerals in the Great Lakes Region.

Partnering with the Better Sourcing Program, who implement due diligence procedures which assure traced minerals are conflict-free, pilot programs have so-far been completed in Uganda, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

As well as providing a bag and tag traceability solution for these complex mineral supply chains, our technologies are used to generate mine site and exporter profiles which help to link exporters with their suppliers.



In September 2016, one of GeoTraceability’s supply chain experts delivered on-site training to government agents in DRC where, since 2014, we have been operating under an MOU with the government. This MOU promises that GeoTraceability will deliver traceability services to the local mining sector, where needed.

Momen Elleuch, GeoTraceability’s Project Manager for the mining sector, said: “At GeoT we are happy to contribute to efforts which aim to end violence fueled by illicit mineral trade.

“By providing a robust chain of custody (traceability) system which enables real time data sharing, GeoT is empowering mining organisations to make more informed decisions.”

GeoTraceability has also signed an MOU with the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region – an inter-governmental organisation with 12 member countries within the Great Lakes Region. Similarly, this MOU promises that GeoTraceability will deliver its traceability services to mining sectors within this region, wherever needed.