Building production capacity for smallholder coffee farmers in Uganda

In the West Nile Region of rural Northern Uganda, our client CARANA Corp., leads a program aiming to increase coffee production and improve the livelihoods of 16,000 farmers.

The project required a system to gather, store and analyse a baseline set of producer data and a system to measure the program’s success using a number of KPIs which would indicate improvements to yield and livelihood.



For this project, GeoTraceability developed field tools to collect baseline data on field characteristics, agricultural practices and farmer’s socioeconomic status. Via GeoTraceability’s web platform, the data will be analysed in order to evaluate the impact of the project’s initiatives on production levels and livelihoods.

The CARANA Corp. partnered with a trader to ensure the coffee farmers had direct market access. To strengthen this partnership, GeoTraceabiltiy established a traceability system which could link the product delivered to this trader, to the field data gathered on its producers. This allows the trader to make better sourcing decisions and continue investing in and developing their supply chain resilience and security.

Hannah Hobden, Project Manager for GeoTraceability, said: “This project gathered a wide range of data. On mapping, households, production, infrastructures, training, nursery locations and training plot locations.

“The results enabled Carana to adapt their interventions to more accurately address the needs of project beneficiaries, whilst effectively reporting on project outcomes.”