Tracing cocoa beans in Ghana and Nigeria

This was a large-scale project, partnering with Ecom Agrotrade, which aimed to trace all certified and sustainable cocoa beans in Ghana and Nigeria from farm to the point of export. Over 90,000 tonnes of beans have so far been successfully traced using GeoTraceability’s technologies as part of this project.

Pierre Courtemanche, GeoTraceability’s CEO, said: “This project was the first trial of GeoT's traceability system. In all honesty, we were a bit nervous. The system had to cover trading operations encompassing over 50,000 producers, 50 warehouses, 2 evacuation ports and a volume ranging from 40,000 to 60,000 tonnes per year.

"In just one year the system had been successfully installed and was already in-use. For the first time, a GeoT customer was able to sell its product and receive a "GeoT premium" for providing increased visibility of their procurement operations.”

This was the fist project of its kind, and has now been running for nearly five years.