Measuring biodiversity of cocoa farms in Ghana

Partnering with Bioversity International and Armajaro Trading Ltd., GeoTraceability designed a tool which would traffic-code fields according to their biodiversity level.

The aim of this tool is to encourage biodiversity-friendly practices – addressing consumer concerns about a potential negative environmental impact for increased crop production. For instance, the data can be used to target particular farms, communities or regions for programs to distribute appropriate shade tree seedlings which might increase the variety of trees on the farm.



A key success of the project was the translation of a highly-technical field assessment method into a user-friendly tool, which has a comprehensible output report appropriate for any non-expert.

Users can expect to gain insights on factors like species diversity and carbon stock.

GeoTraceability’s CEO, Pierre Courtemanche, said: “Combining the expertise of Bioversity International and our digitised tools was a brilliant challenge and experience for GeoT. "Together, we identified key biodiversity indicators relevant to cocoa production. We then collected survey data on over 10,000 cocoa farms. By applying different weights to the results, our system was able to 'flag' areas at high-risk of biodiversity loss, allowing actions to be taken.”