Gathering weather data in Turkey's hazelnut regions



Following a request from Ferrero SaP, GeoTraceability has been gathering, processing and visualising data from 20 different weather stations in Turkey for over two years.

On agreement with Ferrero and the weather data provider, using an API, GeoTraceability has been gathering data on weather indicators such as temperature, wind speed, humidity and rainfall levels. In the two years that this API has been running, there has been almost zero interruption to the data gathering process.

Pierre Courtemanche, GeoTraceability’s CEO, said: “To gather Ferrero's weather data from around the Black Sea, we had to develop an API (Application Programming Interface). This was the first time GeoT had used an API to pull data into its database.

"Each hour, our platform connects with 20 weather stations to grab a range of data that is subsequently displayed on Ferrero’s GeoT Web Account. GeoTraceability is now using multiple APIs to pull and push data among different systems and data sources.”

This project aims to provide more detailed information about weather risks in Hazelnut production regions in Turkey.