Our Products

Our products for data collection and traceability include GPS mapping, GIS technology, mobile applications and barcoding systems. Our bespoke softwares process and package data so it can be stored in a secure database. The database can be accessed via an online platform, whilst data collection and traceability tools work offline, allowing them to be used in remote locations. Our online platform allows users to visualise, search, and report on the database as well as share specific data, securely, with other members of the organisation or other industry stakeholder.


survey design tools

Our survey design tool allows users to build a questionnaire from an inventory of trialled and tested Q&A’s and include additional Q&A’s of their own. Once complete, we can prepare the technologies used to collect, process, host and visualise this data, in just 30 minutes.



Realising that every supply chain is unique, our traceability tools are adapted and tailored to each individual project. We have tried and tested traceability solutions which use barcode and scanning methodologies to trace products along complex supply chains. 



The GeoT digital agronomist. This is a desktop application which processes field data and agronomic practices to generate appropriate recommendations for Individual Farm Business Plans. Digitising this agronomic feedback loop allows organisations to create thousands of tailored FBPs, at the click of a button. 

MOBILE DATA collection apps 

Our easy-to-use mobile data collection applications can be used to collect field information on or offline.  Field information may be socio-economic data, field characteristic, agronomic practices, project activities or producer behaviour.


Tailored Web Platform

Our web platform will host all project information and provide flexible tools to analyse and visualise your data. Data can be queried in a number of different formats – whether as a pivot table, heat map, table and chart.  




Our systems are flexible enough to inter-operate with other platforms and data sources. Data collected using other software or devices can be integrated into the over-arching database and analysed using GeoTraceability’s online platform.


Our GIS technology allows organisations to geo-locate producer fields and important infrastructures, such as schools, water sources and health services, whilst also providing an accurate measure of production areas. 


Smallholder SMS SYSTEM 

Using the communications platform and service provider, Nexmo, we allow users to send messages to targeted groups of producers via our web platform. Users can tailor their communications with producers, to suit their needs and contexts. 


Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure to host and protect Data

Our cloud-based data management structure allows us to securely store and recall unlimited amounts of data. 

Our Services

GeoTraceability provides its Softwares as a Service. This approach means you have on-demand access to our expertise in developing and deploying your bespoke system and when visualising and presenting your data.

system DEVELOPMENT, installation & USER training

We develop and implement a selection of tools and systems to suit each organisation’s project needs and the local environment. We deliver tailored on-site training for system users as well as sourcing the equipment and tools needed.


For each project, high quality technical support is available and delivered via a central project manager. User-friendly support documentation and videos tutorials are available for instant technical support. 


GeoTraceability strives to maintain efficient and state-of-the-art data management tools. We manage a continuous in-house product improvement process, ensuring our tools use the latest tech innovations. 

data protection framework

GeoTraceability has a well established legal framework which protects a producer’s data, whilst providing flexibility in how the data is shared with other stakeholders or organisational staff. We ensure that data is not only protected against hacking and leakage, but ensure data is treated respectively and sensitively for good cause. 

Our products + services in use


If you would like to learn more about GeoTraceability's products and services, please feel free to request a demonstration via our contacts page.