Mining Sector

Partnering with OliverSoft in the Democratic Republic of Congo

GeoTraceability, a global IT service provider specialising in data collection and traceability solutions adapted to smallholders, has chosen OliverSoft, an IT service provider established in 2005 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as its authorised agent to implement its solutions and provide technical support to its customers operating in the DRC.

GeoT is increasingly active in the DRC especially in the mining sector. "Having a local agent to support our customers will enhance our services," said Pierre Courtemanche, GeoT’s CEO. 

"In addition, as a global organisation operating in developing and emerging countries, we consider it part of our obligations to support local enterprises like OliverSoft."

OliverSoft is based in Bukavu, DRC. The company provides a multitude of IT Services including computer support, custom software design, computer system repair, data recovery, and website design and hosting. 

Our Solution for the Mining Sector

GeoT is now offering it’s traceability solution adapted to the context of mining sector in the African Great Lake Region. In the OCDE meeting last week in Kigali, GeoT presentation by Gerald Beaulieu was well received and appreciated it raised interest of a large number mining sector stakeholders.

GeoT is currently implemented in several mine site in Uganda and DRC to offer traceability to address the conflict mineral issues in the 3T and Gold. The traceability is a core component of the Regional Certification Mechanisms of the ICGLR and OECD guidelines. GeoT is offering an innovative way for tracing digitally the minerals across the supply chain from the miners to the export providing a user friendly tool to overview the mining activities on site and provide detailed reports on the origin of a shipment.

In order to present our solution to a larger audience of stakeholder GeoT has developed a one pager (Mining sector pdf) to introduce and present the key features of the solution. GeoT is currently finalizing agreements with leading implementing organizations and supply chain actors to upscale across the region.