Digital Data Collection Tools

Our survey tools can be ready to use in just 30 minutes

GeoTraceability can now develop the tools needed to carry out a survey in just 30 minutes. Why are we so excited about this and what does it mean for our customers? 

Inspired by the Rio’s Olympics, GeoTraceability’s IT team has taken only 30 minutes to activate a field survey on smallholders. Our previous record was over 24 hours!

First what do we mean by a field survey? A field survey lists the data you want to gather on smallholders and their production. This data could include information on a person’s education, sources of income, the agricultural practices they adopt, their opinions – whatever you need. We’re talking about hundreds to thousands entry points per survey multiplied by the number of smallholders reached.

There are different steps required to set up a field survey. It starts with setting a clear vision of why you are collecting the data and what you want to be able to do with it. Based on this, the questions and possible answer options are established. Minimum and maximum values are also set for numeric answer options to provide a level of validation for the data being collected. This part of the processes is usually iterative. Once the questionnaires are available, this is what we do:

  1. Create a web account, a project and its associated geographical ‘levels’.
  2. Upload and process the questions, possible answers, their attributes and formats (mandatory or not, value, date, number, text, choices, range…).
  3. Prepare the database to receive, validate, process and load the data and activate the ‘workers’ managing these tasks.
  4. Set up the ‘APIs’ that links the different data sources and synchronise them.
  5. Build the web pages with their query and analytical functions that will allow data visualisation and analysis.
  6. Upload the survey forms to mobile devices used to collect the data.
  7. Synchronize the web database with the mobile devices for data upload.

It took 30 minutes to complete the steps above. In less then an hour, the mobile devices were ready to gather and upload data, and our Web Platform was showing the results. 

This process is fully automated meaning we offer an almost immediate, cutting edge and low cost technology to gather field data, securely host it on the Cloud and provide powerful analytic tools to use it and share it. Our advice: don’t rely on Excel anymore for your data collection projects, however big or small?

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