ALUR Highlands Coffee Alliance Project

Over the last 4 years, the ALUR Highlands Coffee Alliance (AHCA) has made a significant investment to support the development of the coffee market in rural northern Uganda. But what has the impact been?

The project works with farmers in an area of low income and high poverty. To date, over 16,000 farmers have been supported. The average age of the farmers is 46, and they have an average of 5 children. To improve the livelihoods of these farmers, the programme has provided extensive training on farming practices. This has included the development of demonstration plots for farmers to learn in a hands-on and visual environment.


The GeoTraceability System has been used to collect data on the farmers (including GPS coordinates to create a map of their fields, socio-economic data and production data). The System has also been used to record the training delivered to each farmer and the location of the demonstration plots, nurseries and warehouses.

As the project draws to a close, the key activity is to evaluate its success and determine what lessons need to be taken forwards to future projects. As part of this assessment, the GeoTraceability System is being used to re-collect data on 5,000 farmers. The re-collection will include questions asked during the initial data-collection, as well as additional questions to assess the attitude of the farmers. To collect the data, a mobile application is being used, which is able to work off-line in the field where internet access is limited. Field agents then upload the collected data when they return to the programme office. With the data collected it will be possible to clearly see visually the impact of the project initiatives using the GeoTraceability on-line platform.

Another activity currently being undertaken by the project team is to find organisations to continue using the System and existing data once the current project ends later this year. If this is of interest to you, please contact Hannah