Peru Cocoa Alliance

GeoTraceability Ltd is delighted to announce its participation in an innovative new public/private cocoa partnership, the Peru Cocoa Alliance, alongside partners the CARANA Corporation, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Source Trust and Amarjaro Tradng Ltd in a bid to raise the profitability of farming and living standards of farmers in rural Peru.

The Peru Cocoa Alliance will pursue an innovative approach to development in Peru. The Alliance intends to procure $60 million of capital from local and international socially responsible investors to promote and finance the expansion and marketing of cocoa and other crops in three formerly coca-growing regions in Peru - Huanuco, Ucayali and San Martin. It will integrate 23,000 small-scale agricultural entrepreneurs into sustainable value chains by instilling good agricultural practices and environmental protection initiatives. GeoTraceability Ltd will implement its solutions of mapping and data collection for over 26,000 ha of new plantations of cocoa. GeoTraceability is very proud to be partner of the Peru Cocoa Alliance. Over the next 4 years, GeoTracebility will train and empower local people to use its cutting edge technology.