Partnering for Success

Symbiotic relationships, where both parties rely on each other for their survival, are all the rage in nature. It is estimated that 90% of all plants depend on mycorrhizae (a type of symbiosis) to survive.

But symbiotic relationships are not only found in nature. GeoTraceability (GeoT) and NGOs / Consultants depend on each other to win donor funding, especially given the increasing demands donors are making around monitoring and evaluation.

In the last three years GeoT has worked on donor funded tenders worth over $50 million.


With the growing use of technology on development projects, and the increasing requirements by donors for impact measurement, organisations applying for funding need to do more to impress and win bids. We regularly hear from organisations trying to meet donor requirements but who are struggling to manage their own internal data systems and keep up to date with the latest technology to support them. For most of these organisations the problem is that technology is not a part of their core business and therefore not what they’re good at. This is where we come in. GeoT’s services provide the capabilities around data that give donors confidence that projects are being monitored effectively. By outsourcing this work to GeoT, organisations get the benefits without the hassle.

NGOs / development consultants and organisations like GeoT need to start working together to not only secure funding but deliver quality projects that are reactive to the specific needs of the population being supported. But what about the cost? Contrary to what you might think, a bespoke data collection and hosting solution does not have to cost the earth. Depending on the size of the project, our fee usually ranges from between 5-10% of the total budget.


There are two ways we can enter into a partnership with your organisations:

o   We win a piece of work together

o   We recognise that our organisations could work well together in the future, although currently there is no project for us to work on.

In terms of point two, this means we understand how our two organisations will be able to mutually support each other and have recognised this through a formal agreement. This agreement does not bind us to anything but means that when projects arise in the future we have already understood each other’s capabilities and can be agile in our response to tenders.

If partnering with GeoT is of interest to you and you would like to know more about exactly what we do, fill out your details here and we’ll get in touch shortly.

*This is dependent on the specific requirements of the project.