GeoTraceability to Launch a Dynamic New Web Interface

Utilising latest technology such as thematic maps and data presentation tools and taking advantage of updated Google satellite imagery, GeoTraceability has developed an updated and more user-friendly web database. Over the past year, the demand on GeoTraceability’s services has significantly grown and the types of projects undertaken have been varied.

GeoTraceability’s scope is cross-commodity and cross-sector with an ever evolving portfolio, working in the agriculture and mining industry in cocoa, coffee, cotton, hazelnut and minerals. Different project stakeholders require access the web database including commercial clients, NGO’s, governments and research partners. The different issues being addressed range from traceability, certification and food security to labour and environmental issues. Over the past year, it has been necessary to review the most appropriate way to present different types of data, keep on top of developments in technology and respond accordingly to present the most innovative solution to clients.