GeoTraceability is partnering with various stakeholders to promote friendly practices on cocoa farms through large-scale data collection and farmer training

GeoTraceability Ltd is partnering with International Finance Corporation, Armajaro Trading Ltd, Bioversity International, Source Trust and, through Ghana Cocoa Board, Ghanaian cocoa farmers to improve farming practices that integrate biodiversity-friendly practices. Through a 18 months project, we’re developing a field biodiversity assessment methodology that will be applied to the farms of 4,000 Ghanaian cocoa producers with data collection on farm size and shape, agricultural practices and biodiversity indicators in order to promote biodiversity-friendly practices through appropriate training.

Visibility of Biodiversity data helps our clients to address consumer concerns such as food security, crop sustainability and environmental impacts. The data is used by our clients to develop training and mitigation programs to promote economic and environmental values to cocoa farmers.