Forming an Alliance with the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA)

Pierre Courtemanche, GeoTraceability's CEO, and Daniele Giovannucci, COSA's CEO, are pleased to announce that they have signed an Alliance Agreement enabling the organisations to work together, combining their expertise and products for the benefit of their respective customers and partners.

GeoTraceability Ltd. (GeoT) is a UK-based company with offices around the world. The company was founded in 2012 and specialises in large scale data collection and traceability programs adapted to smallholders in developing and emerging countries. GeoTraceability builds trust and transparency throughout supply chains. 

The Committee On Sustainability Assessment (COSA) is a global consortium of institutions dedicated to accelerating the social, economic, and environmental elements of agricultural sustainability. Driven by the conviction that reliable data enables better decision-making and greater accountability, COSA develops indicators, designs tools, and creates solutions to better measure and manage sustainability. COSA's work spans 17 countries and has resulted in the improved sustainability of food crops, coffee, cocoa, and cotton.

Daniele Giovannucci and Pierre Courtemanche explain their new alliance the following way: ‘when we both sat down and discussed about our vision on sustainability and smallholders development and what our respective organisations are doing, it became clear that we had a lot in common and that a combination of our expertise and products could be beneficial.

COSA would benefit from GeoT’s tools and systems to collect, process and host huge quantities of data on smallholders and development programs. For GeoT, COSA will bring valuable insight on the use of metrics and indicators to measure outcomes. In addition we sometimes work with the same organisations and businesses, particularly in the coffee and cocoa sectors.’

COSA and GeoT will now work together to identify concrete opportunities to augment the value they can offer in collecting, processing and analysing data.

For further information please contact Louise Salinas, Operations Manager at COSA ( or Hannah Hobden, Project Manager at GeoTraceability (