GeoTraceability Presents an Innovative Biodiversity Module

GeoTraceability has developed technologies to collect data on key biodiversity indicators and together with implementing partner Armajaro, has already populated a web database with over 10,000 cocoa producing hectares in Ghana.

Through the IFC-funded Biodiversity and Agricultural Commodities Program (BACP), GeoTraceability has developed in partnership with Armajaro Trading Ltd. and Bioversity International, a methodology to collect, process and analyse data on key biodiversity indicators on cocoa producing fields in Ghana. Some key indicators are: number of shade trees per hectare, carbon stock, vegetation structure and succession, native and exotic tree dominations, primary tree uses (from which we can deduce cash and food value), land uses adjacent to the farm.

“Tropical rainforests are estimated to account for more than half of the plant and animal species on earth. Around the world, an estimated 27,000 species are lost each year due to the destruction of the rain forests. The single most important factor in species extinction is the destruction of habitat that occurs with forest conversion for agricultural purposes.” (Sustainable Tree Crops Program, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture).
Users of the module can expect to gain key insight on factors like shade pattern, species diversity and dead trees which can impact cocoa production, carbon stock potential on cocoa farms for carbon storage programs and primary tree use to inform farmer training programs. Biodiversity data can highlight areas to unlock income potential for farmers and companies, such as farms which are already good candidates for certification. The data can be used to target particular farms, communities or regions for programs such as shade tree seedlings.

A key success of the module is the translation of highly scientific, technical content into a user-friendly and digestible format. This shows GeoTraceability’s capability to handle complex data collection projects and deliver bespoke reporting tools.