GeoTraceability is partnering with Verious Stakeholder to Develop a Child Labout Risk-Assessment Methodology on Cocoa Farms

GeoTraceability is partnering with International Finance Corporation, Armajaro Trading Ltd, Ergon Associates, Source Trust, International Cocoa Initiative and, through Ghana Cocoa Board, Ghanaian cocoa farmers to develop, test and validate a rapid assessment module designed to ‘flag up’ potential child labour risk areas.

The project will identify a set of indicators and develop a rapid assessment tool that will be applied to 2,200 cocoa farmers in 2 districts in Ghana designed to ‘flag up’ potential child labour risk areas to support the National Program for the Elimination of Child Labour in Cocoa. The work will add to the data collected at a large scale by Armajaro in Ghana to collect information on farmer profiles, farm size and shape, agricultural practices and cocoa production. This module should be available by the end of 2013.