About Us


Who is GeoTraceability?

GeoTraceability is a market innovator in providing technical solutions which increase the visibility of suppliers and products in complex supply chains.

We design and implement softwares which support organisations to engage with, and support, the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and small-scale producers all over the world. Meanwhile, our technologies are also used to trace products produced by these individuals, throughout the supply chain. 

Our digitised solutions include data collection tools, traceability systems and online data hosting services. Our package of softwares are designed to allow organisations to collect, process, visualise and analyse data in a cost-effective way, at scale.

Ultimately, our solutions provide organisations with the ability to know what is happening within their supply chain, to understand the impact of the activities occurring within their supply chain and to monitor and evaluate their interventions. This allows organisations to take effective action to improve their investments in sourcing processes and supply chain interventions.

GeoTraceability’s solutions are used by public, private and non-governmental organisations in a wide variety of sectors including agriculture, livestock, fishing, forestry and mining.



GeoTraceability's vision is to help organisations gather data which can be used to make informed and effective decisions about investments in their supply chains. Meanwhile, we aim to improve the visibility of product supply chains for conscious consumers. 


our principles & objectives

  • Data-driven decision-making is a more robust, accountable and credible approach to doing business
  • Consumers and markets make more sustainable choices when they know where their products come from, how they are produced and who produced them
  • Traceability is the most effective vehicle to improve market mechanisms and provide insights to what could support product and human development
  • Factual information is required to plan interventions, assess impacts and show credibility and transparency
  • Smallholders and small-scale producers have an essential role to play in value chains and food security
  • Technology should serve human development

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